How to get 200% bonus

For more fun, excitement and excitement in sports cheering today, just deposit money into the sports page. Get a special bonus of 200% up to 3,000 baht! Can be easily obtained

Description Bonus amount
Bonus code thfdb200sb
percent 200%
Minimum bonus 500
Maximum bonus 3,000
Turn amount (transfer amount + bonus) 10
The maximum amount that is charged per 1 bet ticket 30% of the total amount (transfer amount + bonus)
Limited number Only the first 100 people

* How to get 200% bonus

* 1. Register and deposit

* Register for free on the website.

* Login into the system and deposit money into

2. Deposit money and enter the code “thfdb200sb”. You will receive a 200% bonus immediately.

* Turns will count to a maximum of 30%

For example, when the money comes into the sports page, 500 baht, you will receive a bonus of 1,000 baht, a total of 1,500 baht. The turn will count to the maximum of 1,500 x 30% = 450 baht, for example 1. Ticket 1, you bet 500 baht. We will count the turn for 450 baht. 2. The 2nd ticket, 300 baht bet, the turn is 300 baht, so the total turn is 750 baht.

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